C O V I D-19  P R O T O C O L S

It is paramount we provide a safe and congenial environment for our guests and employees.  This will be achieved by mitigating contamination by the SARS-Covid 19 coronavirus on the products we serve and the components we use to prepare, handle and distribute those products within the restaurant. Emphasis will be placed on 3 critical elements of our operation:

  1. Enhanced sanitation and frequent deep cleaning of the restaurant
  2. Highly elevated hygiene standards (detailed below)
  3. Limiting capacity to achieve proper social distancing for our guest and employees.

Employee Hygiene and Practices  

- Social distancing shall be exercised at all times

- Hand washing will be a frequent (no less than 30 minutes intervals) using hot water for at least 20 seconds of vigorous washing

- Hands must be washed after touching objects that should be considered contaminated, such as plateware, computers, door   handles, delivered items, etc

- Avoid touching eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands or used gloves.

- All staff must wear a face mask

- Gloves must be worn at all times

- Gloves must be disposed of after each use and should never be worn for two functions in a row

- Sanitizer will be placed at the front door and in multiple locations around the restaurant for guest and employee use

- No physical contact, including hand shaking and/or embracing

- Do not use check presenters. Present bill with a sanitized pen

Table and Dining Protocol

- Table spacing and seating will be determined in accordance with NYS guidelines

- Tables need to be spaced out in such a way that provide ample distance for people to enter and exit their chairs, pass in aisle    ways, and dine without undue interference from other guests or employees

- Guests will be encouraged to utilize outdoor space to enjoy a drink before their reservation

- Provide sanitizer/wipes at the entrance and in waiting areas

- Menus will be disposed of after each use. Guests are encouraged to review the menu online before arriving

- Salt and pepper and any other accoutrements will be provided upon request. They will be served in a separate vessel with a       serving utensil

- Tabletops, bar counters, seats and any other exposed surface will be wiped down with sanitizer at the beginning of each shift,   after each guest, and periodically throughout service

- All door handles will be cleaned with sanitizer every hour

- Sanitize restrooms every 30 minutes